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Applying (finaly)


name: Carleigh age: 16 (17 on December 14th)

location: Canada

hair color: Blonde

eye color: Blue


bands/singers (limit 10): Idlewild, Five Iron Frenzy, Queen, The Used, Alexisonfire (I love variety)

movies(limit 10): A Walk to Remember, Pirates of the Carribean, Mr and Mrs Smith, Day after Tomorrow...

books: Harry Potter (I just re-read the whole series and made a Harry Potter t-shirt)

hobbies: Ringette, Baseball, Crafts (ie: painting shirts, colages, drawing etc.), mini golf, bowling, thrift stores, photography...

stores:Value Village (thrift store), MCC (ditto), Buffalo, Paper Moon, Pac Sun...

Tv shows:OC, CSI (Las Vegas is my favourite but I watch all three), Dukes of Hazzard, How its Made, Crossing Jordan, Law and Order SVU

Food:"Chips"/French Fries

jewels(like diamods,rubies): Blue Topaz (my birthstone), and Diamonds

color(s): today its a vibrant, bright green.

subject in school: Probably English Literary or Leadership because they are with my favourite teacher


abortion:I'm against abortion but I won't hold anything against someone whose had it... I believe you need to suffer the consequences to actions, if you're responsible to have sex you need to also be responsible to have a baby, rape is a tough call but I know many people would love to adopt a baby and have to go to Russia to find kids, put the unwanted kid up for adoption!

Pre-Marital Sex: I'm a Christian and will be saving sex for marriage. I believe this is the best way to go about sex but will (again)not condemn you if you've had (or are having) sex. I believe it will be wonderful to have such an amazing gift (my virginity) for my future husband when we get married. My wedding night will be wonderful!

 gay marrige:To me marriage is between a man and a woman, to be politically correct I think gays/lesbians should be allowed a partnership but I would prefer they called it something other than marriage

models/self image:Modeling-It intrigues me, mostly the photography behind it but I enjoy watching America's Next Top Model!

the dealth penatly: Okay since I live in Canada I hear less about the death penalty than if I lived in the US.  But I guess that makes me slightly less biased.  I'm against the death penalty for a few reasons:
1. what if they get the wrong guy
2. I value human lives
3. it seems inhumane
picture time?
(Rory, Jordan, Me, Erika in Northern Ireland)
(2 years ago. Alex, Me, Sarah, Brenlee, and Julie)
(me and Scott)
I wanted it to be a nice even ten.  Ten is a good number.

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