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location: niagara falls
hair color: brown
eye color: hazel

bands/singers (limit 10): simple plan, a little f.o.b 50 cent
movies(limit 10):  the notebook, in good company, the ring 1 &2,
books:the harry potter series
hobbies: swimming, the computer, cheerleading, haning with my frineds
stores:abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale
Tv shows: the OC laguna beach, CSI
Food:  pizza, ice cream
jewels(like diamods,rubies): amithist
color(s): pink, teal, purple
subject in school:um....probably french

abortion: i dont think its right to, i mean its lke killing a person, if your not resplonicble enouht to take care of the baby then at least put it up for adoption
gay marrige:hey if you love some one that much, y not marry them
models/self image:  im not a supper skinny modle and i dont really care, i mean if you look at some of these modles there lke stick thin, and i dont see how they could be healthy
the dealth penatly:i mean i know they kinda deserve it but i would prefer having the person put in jail for life

Promote us to 2 places and provide links (posting in your own journal doesn't count for the two but you can use it for another promote place)

Post at least 2 pics of yourself and at least

one of them a clear picture of your face.(but feel free to post more if you like)


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