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name: Nicolette
age: 17
location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
hair color: brown
eye color: blue/green

bands/singers (limit 10):  Jimmy Eat World, the Killers, the Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Travis, Butterfly Boucher, and many more.
movies(limit 10): Conspiracy Theory, When Harry Met Sally, The Bourne Identiy/Supremacy, Finding Nemo, What Dreams May Come
books: God-Shaped Hole, the entire HP series, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked...I could list a whole library.
hobbies: speech and debate, blackjack tournaments, poker, reading.
stores: American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, New York & Company.
Tv shows: Grey's Anatomy (!), Desperate Housewives, Scrubs.
Food: anything potato.
jewels: rubies (?)
color(s): blue, green.
subject in school: English, forensics (s&d, not CSI)

abortion:  I would never get an abortion myself, though I do believe that abortion should be legal.  It protects women seeking one, increases education on the adverse effects of abortion (and, conseqeuntly, the other options), is more beneficial to our economy, and (sadly enough, I know, but it's true) keeps kids out of potentially bad life situations while reducing population growth.
gay marrige:  Why not?  The State should not be able to define love.  Homo and heterosexual marraiges should receive the same economic benefits.
models/self image:  I believe that models can be healthy inspiration if we realize that only 2% of the population is genetically predisposed to look like that.  Otherwise, girls and guys alike should hold a healthy self-image of themselves, realizing when they need to trim and tone due to health problems, and how thin is too thin.
the dealth penalty:  Capital punishment is not only more expensive than the alternative, it also violates the purpose of the justice system, which is to seek rehabilitation for those guilty of crimes.  People who have died cannot be rehabilitated.

Promote us to 2 places and provide links (posting in your own journal doesn't count for the two but you can use it for another promote place)

Post at least 2 pics of yourself and at least one of them a clear picture of your face.(but feel free to post more if you like)

I'm the one on the left.

Getting the HP book.  I was oh-so-excited, and then a bit scared when my friend took me for a ride in a cart.

If we're doing member pics at any one point, I like this one a lot *hint hint*

If you're looking for mods/co-mods, I'd love to be one.  I'm in beautifulsouls_ with you, and I really like the community.  I would like the chance to moderate, come up with contests, etc.
Thanks for the consideration!

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