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hair color:Sandy Brown
eye color:Brown

bands/singers (limit 10):Kelly Osbourne,Le Trigre,My Chemical Romance,Fall out Boy,Beck,Life House,Gwen Stefani,Coldplay,and Theory of a dead man.
movies(limit 10):Mean Girls,Anchorman,Eurotrip,Not another teen movie,Willie wonka and the chocolate factory,and Mr. and Mrs.Smith.
books:GossipGirl Series,Confessions of a teenage drama queen,TTYL,and When ItGirl comes out.
hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,hangin with friends,going to the movies,going to the beach,tanning,shopping,lisening to music,talking on aim,and updating my lj!
stores:Abercrombie,Hollister,AE,Guess,Express,Caruso Caruso,and Amerlia's closet.
Tv shows:Family Guy,Laguna Beach,The O.C!!,Desperate Housewives,Punk'd,and TRL.
Food:I like Pretzels and chocolate(random?i know.)
jewels:diamonds,rubbies,safire(im not sure how to spell it),and pearls!
color(s):Pink,Blue,Lime Green,Orange,Yellow,and White!
subject in school:Lanuage Arts or Drama,Drama because i would like to be on broadway and go to NYU for their amazing Drama program,and Lanuage Arts because i love to write poems and storys!

abortion:I do not agree with abortion but i do think it should be an opion because if it isnt then girls could just go to it themselves.
gay marrige:I think that gay merriage should be legal because people should be able to be themselves and if they just happen to like the same sex then thats ok!and they should beable to share it with someone and be happy!
models/self image:I think its wrong that there are models who are sticks and girls look up to them and say im ugly if i dont look like her or her!Your beautiful nomatter your height or size or weight you have your own beauty and you should be proud of it!

Promote us to 2 places and provide links (posting in your own journal doesn't count for the two but you can use it for another promote place)http://www.livejournal.com/community/_gossiptiludrop/

Post at least 2 pics of yourself and at least one of them a clear picture of your face.(but feel free to post more if you like)




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